The role of our school in driving sustainable development

Guided by the principles of kaitiakitanga (the Māori concept of guardianship), We are working to show
leadership in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals at an internal and external level.
With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of areas, we have been making a
difference, by implementing small steps, such as encouraging sustainable habits in staff and students.

At Worldwide School

• All low emission LED lights throughout the school

• New (2016) state of the art heating and aircon system

• Bike parking outside the school

• Dual flush toilets and low flow water

• Filtered drinking water provided FOC to all – bring your own bottle

• Recycling bins

• Recycled toilet paper

• 30% reduction in paper used since 2017

• All students and 95% of staff use sustainable transport to WWSE (public transport, bicycle, scooter, walk).