School Rules

Students attending Worldwide School will be expected to follow below practices.
  • Attend all classes – 100% attendance is required by the immigration service for student visas.
  • Be on time for class – many teachers do not allow late students to enter until break time.
  • Sit regular tests.
  • Speak ONLY English.
  • No personal use of phones in class.
  • Show consideration and respect to school premises, members of staff and all other students.
  • Students who do not comply with the school rules may be expelled from school and their visa revoked.
  • Students who are expelled will not receive any fee refund.
  • Breaking the law in New Zealand = instant expulsion.
  • Breaking school’s rules = 1st time verbal warning, 2nd time written warning, 3rd time = expulsion.
  • For students on a student visa, it is Extremely IMPORTANT to have good attendance. Students with poor attendance usually cannot get another student visa based in Immigration regulations.
  • Students with less than 80% attendance will also not receive a graduation certificate.
  • If you are not going to come to class you will be marked ABSENT.
  • You will be marked absent for moving flat and other personal problems.
  • You will be marked absent if you miss more than one hour of class. Both morning and afternoon classes count toward attendance.

Warning Letters for Attendance

  • Worldwide School expects students to attend all classes.
  • We are very strict about our school rules on attendance.
  • If your monthly attendance is less than 80% then you will receive a warning letter.
  • Attendance over 3 months with a total of less than 80% means you will lose your place at Worldwide School of English, receive no tuition fees refund and NZ Immigration will be informed.
  • This is in accordance with immigration requirements for all international students studying on student visas.

Mid week arrivals

  • Students can start and leave their accommodation on any day.
  • Extra days can be invoiced either before the student arrives, or after they have arrived in New Zealand.
  • Mid-week arrival students will also not be able to start classes until the following week.

Please also note that there will be limited homestay availability for mid-week arrivals as many host families are not willing to take a student not arriving at the weekend.

  • The first 4 weeks of a homestay cannot be refunded. If a student wants to leave, 2-weeks notice must be given to both the family and the Homestay Coordinator.

Change of Course – policy

Regular changes – Any changes to start dates can be made by notifying the school as soon as possible. There is no charge for this service as long as the changes are made at least 2 weeks (14 days) before the course is scheduled to start.

Late Changes – Any change made between 13 days and 3 days before the scheduled course date will not be charged, but a penalty fee will apply for students who have booked accommodation.

No Shows – if a student does not arrive on Monday morning by 9am to begin their course and does not notify the school then their course will be deemed to have commenced.
The student is welcome to start their course at a later date (the following Monday) but will lose any time that has lapsed between the no show and commencement.